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One of the primary objectives is to support the resurrection of the Western Monarch Butterfly population and their habitats, by re-establishing and creating new areas to add to their habitat.

About us

The Pollinator Protection Fund is a 501(c)(3) California Public Benefit.

We intend to establish, protect, maintain and develop pollinator habitat.

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Among the many benefits of our initiatives will be the endurance, health, fruitfulness, vitality and sustainability of the ecosystems of our city and surrounding areas by giving pollinators - the architects of the animal kingdom – the ability to thrive and re-populate, thus benefiting the microbiome of our area, its gardens, wildlife, flora and fauna, and fruit and vegetable harvests where available.

As an aesthetic benefit, the re-population of Monarch Butterflies and other butterfly species is beautiful, inspiring and educational for the people in our communities.

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